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Plantar Warts vs Corns Foot Pro Explains Difference


So you have a hard pimple or blister like lump on your foot and want to learn if you have a plantar wart or a corn and how to get rid of it quick especially if it hurts!.

Most people have trouble telling the difference between plantar warts vs corns they often come up in simular positions on the foot and can both be painful .

I will explain how to quickly diagnose the two of them.

Corns are only found on feet
Warts can appear anywhere on the body
Corns are not contiagious

Warts have small black spots and have a cauliflower appearance
Corns are circular in shape with hard callous
Warts are crusty and heavly calloused and bleed easily

Plantar warts vs Corns How to tell the difference.

The first thing about corns is that they are caused by friction and only found on feet,
i often get calls from people saying they have a plantar wart but often it turns out to be a corn that has been caused by footwear.

They feel like a small stone is stuck on your foot and cause a sharp pain. Corns generally appear on the top or inbetween toes very popular is the little toe on the outside wear shoes can rub whilst Corns can also appear under the ball of the foot .

If you have a high arch or dropped metatarsal bones often corns appear at the base of the met bones or even inbetween the five metatarsal bones.

The corn which is hard skin can go deep into the foot often until it hits a bone. These types of corns are difficult to get rid of 100% if they are caused by dropped or deformed bones but with Chiropody supports like gel metatarsal pads and good cushioned shoes walking can be made a lot easier.

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A common spot for a soft corn is inbetween the toes and i hate these corns they are difficult to get rid of and most people reach out for corn plasters which contain acid now the problem here is the plaster normally moves and starts burning the good skin and slips of the corn.

When i treat soft corns i first gently remove as much of the soft skin and then i recommend my patients to use either a corn wrap support (gel like toe support that slides over toe) or compeed plasters these are excellent choice as they a) stck in place for several days and release a soft mineral gel that softens and removes the soft corn.

I find that with either of these aids soft corns are prevented from reoccuring and make sure your footwear is not too tight too cause the toes to rub.

Plantar warts are warts, verruca but plantar meaning underneath the foot, these common foot warts are a contagious meaning they will spread and reproduce and can be passed to other family members and need to be dealt with fast.

Foot warts including plantar warts can be passed on by walking over the same floor after an infected foot has , a towel , shower can be common places to pick up warts.

Always wear flipflops in common used areas like gyms, swimming pools changing rooms. Plantar warts are part of the human papilloma family and like corns they grow inwards in your foot , plantar warts suck into your blood system so they can live happily and for a long time and they love warm feet.

Plantar warts are heavily calloused and the wart has a cauliflower like appearance with lots of black spots within the wart they bleed easily and the callous build up can make the plantar wart uncomfortable to walk on.

Warts take longer to heal and patience is requrired where a corn can be often got rid of in a few days warts because they live off our blood need to be treated with a strong treatment that not only remove the wart but kills the root of the plantar wart for good.

Now there`s no need to panic wherever you have a corn or a plantar wart now you understand the difference you can start treating them and get rid of them 100% and be corn and wart free in no time.

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Article: Plantar warts vs corns Foot Pro Explains Difference was written by practicing Foot Health Professional Zara Butti MCFHP MAFHP a UK Foot Health Pro who`s expertise has helped thousands of patients since 2002. 

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For industry tricks and products that have been proven to work on the plantar warts with 100% success.
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